Is She Off Of Her Pregnancy Diet?

Pregnant Jessica Simpson Grabs Lunch In Santa Monica

When I was pregnant with both my daughter and my son, there was no way in the world that I could diet during my pregnancies. I mean, is there anyone out there who can resist an oreo cookie sandwich when their nine months pregnant? LOL. It looks like Jessica Simpson might know what I’m talking about as she has reportedly fallen off her diet bandwagon and is indulging in her pregnancy cravings. Here’s what we’re reading:

Back when this second pregnancy was just a rumor, sources claimed WW was not happy with Jessica AT ALL, and that people were going to lose their jobs over this endorsement deal. I think we can see that she really is off of WW now. Not only did she go out for Mexican food, over the weekend she and Eric went to The Cheesecake Factory too. And they took a bag of stuff home as well. I’m thinking that Jessica is either completely off Weight Watchers or she’s “cheating” a lot.

I think this has a lot of good points, especially since a) who can really cut out all of the fun foods throughout their entire pregnancy and b) resist the Cheesecake Factory? I practically lived there during my pregnancies, LOL. Either way, the only thing that matters is that Jessica stays healthy for her sake and her baby’s, too. Plus, she looks happy and content and if she can lose the weight the first time around, I’m sure she’ll lose it the second time, too.

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