Model Dad On Duty

Gabriel Aubry Picks up Nahla From School

Now here is a sweet sight!  Model and celebrity dad Gabriel Aubry is on daddy duty with his daughter Nahla.  Gabriel was spotted picking Nahla up from school on Friday, looking ready to hang out with his little girl.

It’s so nice to see that Halle Berry and her ex have worked things out – hopefully amicably for good – in their bitter custody war over Nahla.  It’s so much easier on kids when the parents are getting along and focused on making her life as calm as can be.  Seeing Nahla reminds me that we haven’t heard anymore about a possible wedding date for Halle and Olivier Martinez.   Do you think they’ll do it low-key and not tell anyone?


Photos by Fameflynet

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  1. Keke says

    Gabriel obviously loves his beautiful Nahla. She looks exactly like him and no one could ever deny she’s her daddy’s beautiful daughter!!! I’m glad Halle and Olivier decided to stay together but I sincerely hope Halle forgets about the platonic marriage and falls in love with Olivier all over agaon. He definitely loves her and refuses to their love go. Smart man. Come on Halle, you have a wonderful man in Olivier. Don’t allow fear of failure to cause you to give up and throw something this amazing and meant to be out the window. Forget your past hurtful relationships. That’s all over!!! It’s a new day!!! Rooting in your favor. God Bless!!! 🙂

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