Fretting Over Final Stages Of Pregnancy And Sharing Food Cravings

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Lisa Ling and her husband, Dr. Paul Song, are expecting their first child (a baby girl) any day now.  Lisa, who is in her ninth month, shared how excited and terrified she is.  After several heartbreaking miscarriages, the mom-to-be is still nervous that something might go wrong.

Lisa shared with OK! magazine, “I’m still terrified. I’m constantly feeling my stomach to make sure she’s moving around. It excites me to feel her kick and move. I know she’s alive in there. But it’s scary.”

On her new found love of eating,  “My husband loves when I’m pregnant because I eat so much more than I normally do,” she says. “He’s, like, a voracious consumer of food, so I go toe-to-toe with him sometimes, and that makes him the happiest person on the planet.”

Lisa is craving salty goodness, but is keeping it reigned in.  “I crave a lot of salt, but I’m still eating pretty healthy,” she says. “I’m eating so much more meat and chicken. A lot of protein. I’ve increased my caloric intake a lot. I eat a lot more — buckwheat noodles, like soba noodles, which I love, but before I would try to keep my carb intake pretty low. I’ve been eating a lot of gluten-free pizza, which is nice to do. I eat so much pizza!”

She knows that life as they know it is about to change, but is grateful for it.  “Our lives are going to completely change entirely, in an instant, but we feel very lucky that we’ve been able to get here.”


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