Amber Rose Shows Off Her Pre-Natal Yoga Moves


By now I’m sure you’ve realized that Amber Rose is not shy about showing off her baby bump whenever she can! The model and celebrity mama-to-be has shared yet another picture of her growing bump while she was at a pre-natal yoga class recently in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 29-year-old model writes: “Prenatal Yoga – One of the positions that got me here in the first place Lol.”

Funny, Amber. Funny. 🙂

As far as what she plans on naming her baby, Amber has already given her fans a little bit of a hint. The mom-to-be says:

“It’s not really that common. It’s a normal name…but it’s not common. I came up with the name for the boy and immediately he came up with a rapper name, a nickname for him,” It’s a total boss name for a boy.”

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