Victoria Beckham Opens Up About Her Family Life In The Latest Elle UK


I know that while a lot of people don’t quite understand Victoria Beckham‘s humor in her interviews, I absolutely love it. She’s subtle and smart about it and knows how to add the right bits of humor here and there, and that’s what makes her so funny. The fashion maven recently opened up about her home life and moving back to London with her family in the latest edition of Elle UK and here’s what she has to say:

On her reaction to being handed a plate of Yorkshire puddings to take home: “The kids are going to LOVE me when I walk in with these. You know what they say to me, because I’m not the best cook, although I try really hard? They always say to me, ‘Mummy, we know that the main ingredient in what you make is love [laughs].’”

On life after LA: “Now David has finished playing for LA Galaxy and we are starting a new chapter in our lives; as a family we are all very excited about what lies ahead for 2013.”

On being a control freak: “You’ve got to trust people. And because I am a control freak, sometimes that’s difficult for me, because I want to micro-manage absolutely everything. I can’t hand over. But I’m trying to do that more. It’s hard because I have such a specific vision.”

Photos by Elle UK

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