Ali Landry Has A Built-In Watchdog For Baby #2

OVO Cirque Du Soleil Opening Night

 Ali Landry is loving life as a mom to two outgoing kids, Estela, 5, and Marcelo, 1Ali shares that Estela is very protective of her little brother and helps keep an eye on things.

“She’s very protective of him. And at his age, he wants to put everything in his mouth. So she’s my little watchdog. She watches everything he does. She’s like, ‘Marcelo, no! Don’t put that in your mouth!’ She’ll take care of him if he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing. And he adores her. Anything she does, he’s giggling and laughing.”

Ali says she has a mini star on her hands, as Estela is already loving the spotlight.  She explained that Estela soaked up the excitement of being on stage.  “[she] just had her Christmas performance and she grabbed the microphone and made it a little solo. She’s definitely a very outgoing, outspoken, extroverted child.”


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