Unfinished Divorce Causing Legal Snag In Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bliss!

Kim Kardashian Attends 'X-Factor' Taping With Her Sisters And Boyfriend

Kim Kardashian is trying to move on from her marriage to Kris Humphries, but legally her divorce and upcoming arrival of her baby are about to get even messier, according to reports.  Kim and Kris aren’t not yet legally divorced, which in the eyes of California means that Kris is “technically” the baby’s dad for all intents and purposes since he is still legally her husband.

Kim and Kris have been locked in a bitter battle over HOW the divorce will go down, which is why it hasn’t been finalized yet.  Kim wants a divorce while Kris has been gunning for an annulment instead.  Kris wants Kim to admit that the entire marriage was a fraud, all staged for publicity for her reality show.  They’ve been separated for over a year now.

Hopefully Kim and Kris can hurry up and work things out so they can move on.  I’m sure Kim and Kanye West want to enjoy their baby bliss and not have this bit of legal headache hanging over their heads anymore!


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