Drew Barrymore’s Dogs Are Very Protective Of Baby Olive

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Drew Barrymore isn’t the only one smitten with her new baby girl Olive.  Drew revealed that her dogs are completely in love with the new baby and are very protective of her.

She shared,  “They’re so protective of her. They’re so sweet.  And Douglas, the little blonde one, just comes and licks [Olive’s] head, and it’s just so goofy and silly and I always say, ‘Douglas, is this your baby?’ ”

Drew explained how she and Will Kopelman introduced the new baby to their dogs, so that they could get used to her.  “We brought her stuff home to them to sniff and play with.  I put her with them right away. I was holding her and protective but there are all these wonderful studies that kids that grow up with dogs have better immunities because of the dander and the pollen. And it’s a proven fact that dogs just improve the quality of your life.”


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