Neil Patrick Harris Talks How Christmas Is Changing With His Twins

"A Snow White Christmas" Opening Night

Doting dad Neil Patrick Harris has learned a few lessons this Christmas season as his twins, Gideon and Harper, 2, are a bit more mobile and curious this year.   His first lesson?  Shatterproof ornaments are a necessity with 2 year olds in the house.

“David and I quickly realized that all of the ornaments on the lower third of the tree should be plastic or unbreakable. Yeah, we learned that the hard way. The shatter-y way.”

The second lesson the celebrity dads learned already?  Don’t bother with over the top gifts because it’s all about the boxes and wrapping paper.  “This year our twins have a vague concept of presents, but it’s all about destroying the wrapping paper and boxes. Very little to do with the contents inside…”

What did you learn as your babies grew into toddlers at Christmas time?


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