Beverley Mitchell Is Having A Baby Girl!

Beverley Mitchell

Actress Beverley Mitchell just announced last month that she and husband Michael Cameron are expecting their first child together.  In a new blog, Beverley shares that her new bundle of joy will be a baby girl!

Beverley shares that they will welcome a daughter in April of 2013, “Well if you twist my arm, we are thrilled to be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into our family! And yes, she has already stolen my husband’s heart. He proudly shares the picture of our 4D ultrasound.”

The mom-to-be also admits that she’s having the typical ups and downs of pregnancy hormones, “I mean, hormones — forget about it! Sometimes I am just so baffled by myself that I feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience watching a crazy woman. Good news is, I usually settle back in pretty quickly. But I definitely have some epic moments and Michael is a saint for letting me have them.”

You can read her full blog post on People.


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