Alicia Keys Says That Motherhood Has Made Her “A Better Person”

I’m sure that a lot of mothers out there can agree that not only does motherhood change your life, but it makes you into a better person as well. Chart topper Alicia Keys says that while she loves being a mother and has embraced the changes that she’s made in her life, the biggest change is how she began perceiving herself. She says:

“Being a parent has made me more open, more connected to myself, more happy, and more creative. “I’m more discerning in what I do and how I do it. It’s just made me a better person all the way around.”

Fortunately for the first-time mom, it didn’t take much for her to feel at ease. She added:

What’s been surprisingly easy is just how natural parenthood feels,” Keys  explains. “I feel great about how easily I’ve fallen into the role. I love it!”

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