Tori Spelling Blogs About Her Little “Nutcracker”

Tori Spelling sure knows how to bring on the LOLs! The celebrity mom recently blogged about her family going out to get their Christmas tree and she spotted her son Liam punching an inflatable Santa Claus in the “family jewels” during their little trip. The funny mom wrote:

“Last weekend the McDermott clan headed to a Christmas tree farm, and while we were there I happened to snap this picture of Liam punching an inflatable Santa in the nuts! Now we were there to cut down our very own Christmas tree, but it seems that Liam had his own agenda.”

She added:

“What do you think was going through Liam’s mind as he gives Santa a knuckle sandwich to the family jewels?”

So Babyrazzi readers, what do you think? LOL. I think this was just a little episode of Christmas rage, that’s all!

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