Rosamund Pike Admits To Following A New Mom Around A Department Store

No, this story isn’t as crazy as the title sounds! Actress Rosamund Pike, who stars in the upcoming “Jack Reacher” with Tom Cruise, has recently admitted that she missed her newborn son so much while she was filming the movie, that she actually followed a new mom and her newborn around a department store. Here’s what she says:

“I was in the wine shop in the Eurostar terminal in Paris and there was this woman with a tiny baby. I was missing my son so much I just wanted to get close to this child. It was such a weird feeling. Then of course you’re really close, and suddenly this woman is making protective gestures with her coat so I had to quickly grab a tin of foie gras and pretend I was shopping. Normally I’d explain that I was simply missing my son, but this woman looked French. Not only would I have been mad, but a mad Englishwoman babbling on in the wrong language.”

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