Jennifer Hudson Is A Lucky Mom

It seems like all of the celebrity moms are cover girls this month, right? Jennifer Hudson graces the cover of Lucky Magazine, where inside she talks about how her son is her little personal stylist, how she stays in shape and gives us a little preview of her upcoming clothing line. Here are some highlights of what she says:

On her son’s fashion advice: “We call him Boss Baby! He says, ‘Mommy, I don’t like that,’ or ‘Momma, you look very pretty.’ I totally dress for my child! I have T-shirts with Popeye the Sailor Man on it, ones with different animals, comic book characters.”

On staying in shape: “I have chocolate every day. Going jogging makes me feel powerful and free—like Rocky! In winter I do the treadmill, the Stairmaster. I always say to myself: ‘Just give me 10 minutes.’ If I do those 10 minutes—the next thing you know, it’s 20 minutes—I trick myself! My son, he wants pizza, so okay, I make him a Margherita pizza, and then he doesn’t eat it, so I have some, and then that’s eight points … that gets tricky.”

On her new clothing line, Jennifer Hudson Collection: “Being a celebrity, you sort of have to look—decent—when you go out, but you don’t necessarily want to be always dressed up, totally perfect. I have to be flexible, comfortable. I still can’t believe I have my own line. Us ladies, we don’t always get cute if we’re getting comfort. You want both. I hate when you see a guy and girl out together, and he’s walking along, feeling great, and she can’t walk in her heels and she’s freezing in her dress … ”

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