Motherhood Brings Out Molly Sims’ Competitive Side

Molly Sims gave birth to her son Brooks in June and the new mom shares everything from getting competitive on milestones to keeping in shape post-baby.

Molly says that Mommy & Me class can bring out her competitive side.  “We have been going to Mommy and Me classes, which are interesting because you start to be in competition. My husband’s cousin just had a baby so that makes them second cousins. He was only three weeks older than Brooks … and he was crawling. He was almost standing up. I was like, ‘Okay, we have got to move it. We’ve got to work on tummy time!’”  But Molly says that it just isn’t going too well.  “He is not going to be able to crawl well because he doesn’t like tummy time.”

The mom of one says that she’s shocked at how much time she had to do little things – like shower – before she gave birth. “I used to take these long 30 minute showers. Now it’s like two minutes — in and out.  That’s the one thing that has definitely changed.  I don’t even know what I did with all of my time before.”

Molly has been committed to staying healthy and in shape after her pregnancy (and before).  Her best advice to moms: “Even if it’s cold outside — get on a treadmill [or] go to the gym. The biggest trick when you are in a gym is to … talk to a friend on the phone. I’m telling you that I have burned the most miles talking to my girlfriend! I vent about my husband and how I have no time anymore.”


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