Bethenny Frankel Shares How She Keeps Her Daughter Eating Healthy

Former reality TV star Bethenny Frankel sat down with Scholastic’s Parent & Child to talk about the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays. Bethenny shared what their dinner will look like and how she is able to get Bryn, 2, to eat healthy.

On her Thanksgiving meal:  “It’s different every year. We don’t have an iron-clad tradition by any stretch! But one thing that has changed is the focus on what I make, because my daughter, Bryn (age 2), is a vegetarian. We still have a turkey because my husband wants one, but I’ve adapted a lot of our dishes for her. I used to make this incredible turkey sausage and morel stuffing, but now I make it with veggie sausage and whole grains, and it’s unbelievable. If you’re creative with your recipes and have lots of variety, people don’t even realize that they’re eating vegetarian.”

On Bryn being a vegetarian: “It’s actually been her choice. She just never wants meat. One time she really wanted a shrimp so we gave it to her — we’re not crazy about it. ”

On getting her interested in healthy foods: ” I never give her the same thing two days in a row. It’s the same as with adults: You want different options, or you don’t enjoy your meals. But at the same time, feeding kids well can be frustrating and time consuming, which is why I freeze things ahead and buy a lot of frozen organic foods, like broccoli and cauliflower fries, veggie chicken nuggets, and sweet potato tots.”

On being able to eat healthy while making it convenient: “I’m not a hero. As long as Bryn’s eating real food, I never feel bad. And that goes for any treats, too. We try to get all the healthy stuff in so she can have ice cream, too, or a cookie or whatever else. Everyone should get to indulge a little bit every day.”


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