Vanessa Paradis Talks Motherhood

In a recent interview, actress and singer Vanessa Paradis shares her thoughts on how motherhood has changed her. Vanessa is currently in NYC filming a movie alongside Woody Allen and Liev Schreiber, Café de Flore.  She says that she’s ecstatic to be in New York.

“I’m thrilled to be in New York because it was the city of my 20s—of freedom.  I was working since I was 14 in France, and coming here as an unknown, walking through the streets, there’s an amazing energy and light in the sky. I’m so happy to be here.”

While she chatted about the film, she also shared this about her life changes since becoming a mom to Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 10.  “What changes with motherhood is that you’re not No. 1 in your life anymore. Suddenly, someone counts more than yourself.  It makes you a better person, less selfish and more aware of others.” She pauses for a moment. “The biggest love of your life is born, and it’s the one love that never fades, but keeps growing stronger.”

Vanessa, who is also nearly finished with a new album, remains firm in her unwillingness to discuss her split from Johnny Depp in order to protect her kids.  “I don’t sell my private life, and nobody knows the truth or has done a proper journalist’s work on that situation.   Nowadays, people speculate, but nobody knows! I have my children to protect. There are children involved, so it’s really no one’s business but the family.”

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