Liev Schreiber Enjoys A Father-Sons Day At The Park

Actor Liev Schreiber and his fiancee Naomi Watts have been enjoying their time off at home in NYC with their sons, Alexander (Sasha) and Samuel.  Yesterday Liev was spotted with his boys as they headed off to a local park to play some soccer together and do some rough housing.

Before they headed out, Liev stopped to talk a photographer.  Naomi has shared in the past that Liev is great at “handling” the paparazzi.  Liev generally works out a deal with them, allowing them to photograph the family for x amount of blocks, get their shots and then leave them to their day.  It seems to work out well for them.  The paparazzi still make their money and Liev and Naomi get to have some alone time afterwards with their kids.


Photos by Fameflynet

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