Tori Spelling Praises Dean McDermott’s Fathering Skills

During Tori Spelling’s recent medical emergency following the birth of her fourth child, Finn, it was Dean McDermott who had to hold down the fort.

Tori praised her husband’s amazing skills as a dad and an optimist. “”Dean’s a super dad. He’s a mom and dad all wrapped up into one.  He was dealing with so much, but he was always really positive. We had date nights every Tuesday . . . Dean would spend the night at the hospital on a cot next to me and we’d talk.”

Dean explains his upbeat demeanor:  “I couldn’t fathom losing the baby or T.  I’m perpetually hopeful. T gives me a hard time about it.”

Tori had to miss several milestone events of her oldest three kids, Stella, Liam, and Hattie, including Liam’s preschool graduation, Stella’s fourth birthday party and Hattie’s first word.

Kudos to Dean for putting on his superhero cape and swooping in to make it okay for everyone – including Tori.

Photos by Fameflynet

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