“The Hive” Buzzes Over To Disney Junior

Already a top-rated series seen in more than 150 countries worldwide, hit animated pre-school show “The Hive” is finally landing in the U.S. on the Disney Junior channel.  A fun and friendly kids TV series in beautiful CGI animation, “The Hive” follows the fortunes of Buzzbee and friends in their fun-packed adventures in the Hive.  Every day brings something new for the little bee as he explores the world around him with best friends Barnabee, Jasper the wasp, Debee and his sister, Rubee.

Whether they’re on a treasure hunt or camping out under the stars, building a den or training Grandpa and Grandma Bee’s pet flea, Jump, to do tricks, there’s always something to learn and share. With a host of other colorful characters including Mama and Papa Bee, Mr Millipede, Miss Ladybird and Postman Spider, the Hive is a place kids and their parents want to keep coming back to visit.
Meet Buzzbee and the Characters of The Hive:
·        Buzzbee – Buzzbee is a fizzing little bag of fun constantly delighted to discover new and marvelous things about the world around him.  Unphased and not afraid to ask, Buzzbee is open-minded and adventurous but tends to rush headlong into situations without thinking things through.  He is in the pre-school class of Honeydew School.
·        Rubee – Rubee, Buzzbee’s big sister, is confident, determined and single-minded but thinks she knows more than she actually does.  She likes to be the boss but can laugh at herself too.
·        Barnabee – Barnabee is Buzzbee’s loyal best friend and the more cautious and sensible of the two.  He’s a bit of a worrier and quite shy.
·        Jasper – Jasper is another of Buzzbee’s school friends who is a loveable renegade that isn’t truly bad but a bit misguided and insecure so he overcompensates with bravado.  He is a hard nut with a squishy interior.

The show made its debut on October 8th and can be seen at 1:00 p.m. est daily.

Fans can also enjoy more of The Hive online at www.thehivetvshow.com, where they can find video clips, preschool friendly games, activities downloads and more.

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