Kristin Cavallari Shares Her Advice On First-Time Motherhood, Breastfeeding And More

It looks like Kristin Cavallari is really enjoying her new role as a celebrity mom! And with a cute little son like Camden Jack, she has every reason to be! The 25-year-old recently talked to Parenting magazine about breastfeeding, sleep-deprivation and of course her beautiful baby boy. Here’s what she says:

On adjusting to motherhood: “I set myself up for postpartum to be incredibly difficult and thought I would be walking around like a zombie. I actually had this adrenaline the first few weeks, which made me not need much sleep. Every time I tried to nap during the day I wasn’t able to. I was surprisingly calm regarding the baby. I was expecting to be a little more neurotic and worrisome. There were difficult times, but overall I was calm and happy. It all felt very natural to me.”

On breastfeeding: “I know how difficult nursing can be so I got very lucky with Camden because he latched on right away. I took a breastfeeding class that was incredibly helpful, though. I also talked to friends and family and asked a ton of questions. I’d say the more info you know, the better.”

On her advice for sleep-deprived new moms: “You just have to go into it knowing you won’t be getting much sleep and there will be hard times, but try to get help from family and friends. Don’t plan on doing anything else those first few weeks. But it’s all worth it. When you get that first smile from your baby, your heart will melt and you’ll say that you would do it all again.”

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