Giuliana Rancic Says She Loves It When Her Son “Poops”

Yeah, all of these motherhood quotes from Giuliana Rancic are becoming one of a kind, aren’t they? LOL. Well, either way you look at it, it’s cute and very obvious that she is in love with her son, Edward Duke, and even his…. poop! Yep, that’s right! Here’s what she recently said in an interview:

“This is so gross, but I love when he poops. They make these noises and I’m always like, ‘Bill, here he goes. Tape this, tape this!’ And he’s like, ‘Must we tape this?’”

“It’s such a good feeling because it shows that he’s healthy and he’s regular and things are looking good. I love changing poopy diapers. When I open a diaper and it’s poopy, I’m like, ‘Yes, score!’”

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