Nick Cannon Talks Halloween Costumes and American Idol With Rachael Ray

Nick Cannon sits down with Rachael Ray tomorrow morning (October 12th) to chat about everything from Halloween costumes to his wife, Mariah Carey’s spat with her American Idol co-worker, Nicki Minaj.   Here are some snippets from Nick’s interview – which airs on the Rachael Ray Show in full tomorrow.

Nick thinks his son looks just like Mariah!:  I think my son looks just like my wife, I always say that.”

Nick’s idea to be Roger Rabbit for Halloween is shot down:  I was thinking about being Roger Rabbit, but Mariah has to be something fabulous.”

Nick on Mariah’s American Idol feud and why she’s enjoying the show:  There’s always drama but I think she is enjoying it. She’s enjoying being able to connect with these young talented people. In her mind this is kind of her dream in return because she started off as a teenager and there was no American Idol. So she had to wait tables. Sleep in people’s cars.”


Photos by David M Russell/Rachael Ray Show

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