Molly Sims Says Life After Baby “Is The Hard Part”

According to Molly Sims, it’s life after pregnancy that starts getting tough, and not before. The new celebrity mom, who gave birth to her son Brooks earlier this summer, says that while being pregnant is no walk in the park, it’s the part afterwards that really keeps you on your feet (and I’m sure more than a handful of moms out there can agree!).

“Everyone talks about the pregnancy — and don’t get me wrong, it sucks, it’s hard, you get huge — but let me tell you something, no one talks about after. That’s the hard part,” the former model told reporters at Tracy Anderson‘s The Pregnancy Project DVD launch in New York City on Friday.

“You have to think about a baby first, and you have to get off all of that fat and weight — and that’s a whole thing on its own. It’s literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

We couldn’t agree more with you, Molly. 🙂

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