Robbie Williams Doesn’t Want To Raise His Daughter In Los Angeles

It looks like now that Robbie Williams is a father, he might be packing his bags and moving back to England. According to the British pop star, he doesn’t want to raise his newborn daughter Teddy in Los Angeles as he’s not to keen about their schools or the pupils, for that matter. Here’s what he says:

’I don’t want to educate our baby in LA because I would much prefer her to have English sensibilities.’

‘I think kids there have a massive sense of entitlement, are dull and dumb. It means me coming back to the UK for good but I can live with that. It’s worth being pestered for her to have a good school.

‘I want the baby to have an English passport, we’re still figuring out exactly whereabouts the baby is going to be brought up.

‘I had a conversation with the wife last night about where we’re going to end up but we still don’t know.’

Tell us Babyrazzi readers, what do you think of Robbie’s choice words?

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  1. says

    Robbie Williams needs to fuck off not all hollywood kids are self entitled dull and dumb as he put it why doesn't his washed-up ass take a gander at Nell Newman or her sisters none of them are any of those things and were educated in LA because their parents were high powered movie stars. it sounds like he's got an inflated ego and thinks his daughter is the queen of sheeba or something.

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