Amy Poehler Says Her Kids Are “Kind Of Crazy”

According to Amy Poehler, her sons Archie and Abel are “kind of crazy.” But then again, there’s always a little craziness in every family, right? Here’s what she says on the Ellen DeGeneres Show:

“They are boys, so they’re kind of crazy. Mothers come over with daughters and we have play dates. My house is a little crazy – everyone’s kind of running around, jumping off furniture. They’ll bring their daughters over and the daughters will be like, ‘Should we sit in the corner and cooperate?’ My guys are like, ‘I made chocolate soup.’ They will just make dirt soup. And the girls are making like a birdhouse out of organic materials. It’s different.”

Amy, who revealed that she’s a “pretty strict mom,” says that though there’s plenty of brotherly love between the boys, they tend to express it in odd ways.

“They love each other, they’re brothers and they’re boys, so they kind of play like bear cubs. There’s a lot of peeing… just everyone’s marking their territory.”

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