Kate Gosselin Shares How She Keeps Her Family Staying Healthy

If there is anyone out there who knows how to take care of multiple sick children, that would be Kate Gosselin. After all, she is a nurse by trade! The former reality television star recently shared her tips on how to keep your kids staying healthy during the upcoming flu season. She says:

We take multivitamins and extra vitamin C to boost our immune systems. At the start of a cold, we employ the use of Zicam, our new favorite cold symptom reducer. We have used it already this year and I am impressed with the outcome – no days of school were missed because of its impressive results!

We also focus on good dental hygiene, making flossing and fluoride rinsing a part of our daily routine. With our kitchen “toothbrush sink” area, I can easily monitor to make sure that all teeth are sparkly white after each meal. Making dental hygiene a priority is a much better (and less expensive) approach than the alternative: pricey dental work.

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