Christina Applegate Talks Motherhood In New Interview

Christina Applegate is absolutely one of our favorite celebrity moms. The actress, who plays a mom on the small screen in her NBC hit show, “Up All Night,” opened up recently about motherhood in a new interview about sleepless nights, her best mommy moments, and saying good-bye to baby gear. Here’s what she says:

On surviving sleep-deprivation: “Oh, when I’m in my tired phase? In the morning when I’m holding her and we’re reading. She snuggles up really nicely in the morning. She doesn’t snuggle the rest of the day but in the morning she gets really snuggly. Those are those moments, or when she just out of nowhere leans over and kisses you. It’s heartbreaking.”

On tell-tale mommy moments: “When there’s breast milk on the floor? I don’t know, I’m not really sure.”

On saying goodbye to baby gear: “We don’t use any gear anymore. She’s a toddler. You know what was great for a while was those saucers for her to jump around. She really liked those when she was younger. Now she’s too old for that but that was a great thing for her. You could go do something for a minute, you could cook some food.”

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    Did you ever think of writing any followups to “Mother of Demons” ?I downloaded this to my Palm from the library and really enjoyed it. I’ve kept it to reread so many times that it has outlasted 3 PDA’s.I really like the characters (human and otherwise) and think the world you created has lots of potential.Thanks for all your great books !!

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