Salma Hayek’s Husband And Daughter Celebrate Her Tribute In Deauville

Despite only being 46 years old, actress Salma Hayek was given a tribute in honor of her career at the38th Deauville Film Festival in France, with her family by her side. The program took a look back at Salma’s many roles and she talked about her many experiences in Hollywood and her hope for the future – directing!

Salma teared up while talking about some projects that meant a great deal to her, she shared with crowd, “I’m going to scare my daughter.  She’s never seen me cry!” But Valentina remained unfazed and took photos of her famous mom.

Salma is proud of her achievements: “When I started, everyone said there was no chance for a Mexican actress with an accent to have a career. Maybe a maid in a small part, because if it’s a maid with a big part, the maid is blonde! Maybe the wife of a drug dealer with one line or just crying. Today you can be the queen of the drug cartel!” (Her role in the film Savages).

Salma also shared that she’s ready to hop in the director’s chair, sharing that she has “maybe 15 minutes left as an actress.”  She says directing is “what I like to do the most the most the most. But please don’t write about it because nobody wants to hire an actress who wants to be a director. Forget about it, it’s death.”


Photos by Fameflynet

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