Jillian Michaels Wants To Give Her Kids Room To Grow

Jillian Michaels shares that she’s trying to let her kids have space to grow and learn without her hovering 24/7.

The celebrity trainer and mom of two, Lukensia and Phoenix, shared:  “Kids are accident-prone; they’re going to tumble. As long as I know she’s not going to die or get badly hurt, it’s okay.  We’d rather her be adventurous and fall and get back up, than helicopter around her and make her feel fragile.”

Jill also says that motherhood has settled her, “I’m more fulfilled than I’ve ever been. I think there was always a little bit of emptiness that I tried to fill with something.  Heidi has helped me a lot and settled me down, but the kids have made me reevaluate everything.”

The tough love trainer is heading back to ‘The Biggest Loser‘ next season and will be working with overweight teens on the show!

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