Josh Lucas Is Amazed By Fatherhood

‘Sweet Home Alabama’ star Josh Lucas and his wife Jessica welcomed their first child, a son named Noah, in July.  Josh shares that he is amazed over becoming a parent, just as everyone said he’d be!

The actor said he thought people were exaggerating when they gushed about parenthood being the best thing you could ever do.  “My wife and I always joked about the fact that we thought people were just drinking the Kool-Aid, like the whole thing was a scam.  From day one it’s the most amazing thing. I will go sleepless and die for this child already.”

Josh is anxious for his little guy to grow, but is enjoying the little things right now.  He says that at 10 weeks, “I’m still dealing with a blob. I’m still dealing with something that’s just now beginning to communicate through smiling and through these magical little moments that happen only very briefly through the day.”


Photos by Fameflynet

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