Rumor: Is Drew Barrymore Going To Name Her Child Ruby Daffodil?

Is Drew Barrymore ripping a page out of Jennifer Garner‘s baby name book and naming her daughter after one of her favorite flowers? Well, if the year were still 1995, that could have been true! Us Magazine found a great little archived article in which the celebrity mama-to-be had already named her daughter when she was just 20. Here’s what they write:

During an interview with Rolling Stone in June 1995, Barrymore opened up about her relationship at the time with Hole musician Eric Erlandson.

“I love him so much,” Barrymore told Rolling Stone. “And I have a family now from Eric, too. He has such a huge, amazing family. Seven kids.” 

“I never thought I’d have a sense of family until I had my own kids. I want two: a boy and a girl,” she revealed. “My daughter will be named Ruby Daffodil.”

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