Angelina Jolie Is Upset That Her Children Is Listening To Old-School Madonna

It sounds like Angelina Jolie is quite picky when it comes to what music she allows her children to listen to. And to be honest, it’s something I do as well as honestly not every song on the radio is very child-friendly these days, now is it? But it looks like Angelina’s play list might be a little personal as rumor has it that she allegedly hates it when her children listen to “old-school Madonna” songs (because the new songs are better??? Not really!). Here’s what we’re reading:

A long-simmer feud between Angelina Jolie and Madonna has hit Jolie where it hurts – at home! Angelina’s daughters Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne can’t get enough of the Material Girl’s tunes, sources say, and it’s got Angelina singing the blues.

“Angie hopes this Madonna thing is just a phase her girls are going through because she’s about to snap… listening to Madonna’s music is like nails on a chalkboard for Angie.”

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