Tracy Anderson Says She Is Mortified By The Reaction To Her “Body Slamming” Comments

Yikes! It looks like someone is working on damage control here. Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, who just a few days ago pretty much slammed mothers who don’t do enough to take care of their bodies while they are pregnant, is back tracking on her comments, saying that she is “mortified” by the reaction to what she says, yet really never gives an apology. She made an appearance on Good Morning America, and here’s what she says:

“I am so mortified, it sounds so bad when it comes back like that. It’s not what I meant.

“I’ve spent 14 years very focused creating all of this original content, testing on women to make sure I can give women something that really works so they can be their most empowered self.

“So the last thing I would do is judge a woman, especially after children.

“What I mean is that pregnancy is difficult and every pregnancy is completely unique. We crave a lot. I think in today’s society where women have all of this pressure to look a certain way… I think that they turn to diet a lot because that’s what works for them because fitness routines usually let them down.

“So when they do get pregnant it’s like ‘Oh my gosh!’ It’s not just like, ‘I’m going to let my body go for this pregnancy,’ but also it’s like, ‘I can eat all the things that I never let myself eat.’

“I see people that come to me after pregnancy and they didn’t need to necessarily gain that much…”

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    I don’t think what she said was judgmental. It’s the truth! What’s wrong with acknowledging that if we don’t eat right and exercise then we’re obviously going to weigh more? The same is true for pregnant women and women with kids just as it is for anybody else.

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