Jennifer Garner Blogs About Her Work With ‘Save The Children’

In a new blog post for iVillage, Jennifer Garner shares why she’s so passionate about her work as an artist ambassador with the organization Save the Children.

‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ star shared why Save the Children focuses on early childhood education:

” The mothers I have visited in rural America live in cinder-block homes, or trailers without windows or space to put a playpen or lay their children on the floor and play with them. These families live in government-sponsored housing without a book or a picture or a crayon in sight. These parents are so isolated — not always part of a loving community with friends to compare notes and vent to or watch and learn from, but all alone and far from family and often a little bit ashamed and embarrassed by their situations. When you have a little baby, or two or three, you need encouragement and support. These women are raising a baby in a vacuum. The families that Save the Children serves lack the physical tools of early education.

On the other hand, it is knowledge and support. It is crazy to go into a home with an 11 month old who doesn’t make a sound. No gurgles or coos. No screeches. Kids living in poverty, on average, have heard 30 million fewer words spoken to them by the time they are four years old. How is that? By not valuing children’s earliest years, our government sends a message to parents that children’s education doesn’t begin until kindergarten.”

Jennifer continues on the importance of the program and why it helps so much:

More than 60 percent of poor families don’t have books in their homes. It isn’t that kids should be reading by kindergarten, but they should know what a book is — how to hold it, turn the pages, and how to sit still in anticipation of hearing a story.

And that’s why Save the Children’s Early Steps to School Success programs are so effective. Through home visits, book exchanges, parenting groups and more, Early Steps helps babies and toddlers with language, social and emotional development


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