Milla Jovovich Talks Childhood, Motherhood In New Flare Interview

According to celebrity mom Milla Jovovich, she didn’t always live the glamorous celebrity life, especially when she was a kid. The actress opens up to Canada’s Flare Magazine about her life when she first came to America, what kind of child she is and how she’s settled into her role as a mother. Here are some highlights:

On her daughter: “I definitely want to keep [Ever] as dependant as any young girl her age—which is relative, but I have a picture in my head of what that should be.”

On her mother: “I would always hear her whispering in my ear, ‘I’ll kill myself if anything happens to you!’” Jovovich says, laughing. “So, I kind of knew when to say no; when not to continue the party, because I whole-heartedly believed that if anything had happened to me my mom would have killed herself.” … “I still put her through hell,” she says. “She didn’t know that in my head I knew when to stop. I tell her, ‘My God, it could have been so much worse!’”

On immigrating to America with her mother: “We’re definitely fighters. My mom and I are survivors. We came to America with nothing, and built everything from the ground up.” She describes her mother as strict and her childhood as shaped by discipline and hard work. “I wasn’t raised just to be a pretty girl, or somebody’s wife.”

Photos by Flare

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