Teresa Giudice Says She Won’t Break Up Her Family With A Divorce

It looks like according to Teresa Giudice, her family is her biggest priority in life and she’s not about to break it up because of a reality television show. Despite being publicly humiliated by her husband on a recent episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the old-school Italian explains that every marriage has it’s ups and downs and she’s not ready to give up on hers. Here’s what Teresa tells Us Weekly:

Believe me, if he talked to me like that regularly, we would not be together,” the mom of four daughters insists, adding that her husband did apologize after the episode aired — one year after their Napa trip took place. “I don’t know why the camera [and alcohol] brings out the worst in him. . . it just does.”

Though she and Joe are on better terms now, the reality star admits that she’s considered pulling the plug on their marriage — but is instead weathering the storm.

“Joe and I are happy together now. He’s a great dad and a great husband and we still really like each other. He’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, but you put up with each other’s faults for the good of the whole,” she writes. “Should I break up my family and leave him because he called me an ugly name a year ago? My pride wants to of course, but I don’t think that’s the right or responsible thing to do.”

“People don’t stay married for decades without bumps in the road,” continues the cookbook author, who shares daughters Gia, 11, Gabriella, 7, Milania, 6, and Audriana, 2. “So this is a pretty big bump, but I’m hanging on.”

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