Gwen Stefani Admits That Her Children Are A Lot Of Work

Gwen Stefani is pretty much saying what we’ve all been thinking for years now: children are a lot of work! Even when you have special care that includes nannies and housekeepers, it’s no walk in the park raising a family, especially if you are has hands-on as Gwen with her two boys, Kingston, and Zuma. The rocker mom has also said that recording her new studio album with her band, No Doubt, has been a great break from being “a mom,” even if that means for just a little while. Here’s what she tells Us Weekly:

“I don’t think [parenthood has] mellowed us out, but priorities have to change. Before, it was unspoken that the band was the No. 1 thing; there was not a girlfriend or someone else that could be before the band. It wasn’t even something we discussed, it just was what it was. But we’re at a stage where we don’t have to be like that anymore; we can kind of do this when we want to do it.”

“Like today, for instance, I told them, ‘I cannot do twelve-hour days anymore, stop it!’ I just missed Kingston and Zuma going to sleep. But I get to talk to you, and it’s actually a nice break — my kids are so much work. No Spider-Man for me tonight, but that’s okay. I’ll take a break.”

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