Leslie Mann Talks Motherhood In Real Life And On The Big Screen

Leslie Mann, mom of two daughters, Iris and Maude, shares that parenting is no walk in the park, but just trying your best is what matters.

During a press event for her new movie ParaNorman, the actress and celebrity mom shared that her onscreen character is a sweet mom, but sometimes it’s hard to be that way in real life – none of us is perfect. “The real life version of that is you can be a calm, sweet voice, but sometimes life gets hard and it gets stressful and you can’t be that voice and then someone else steps in and it’s kind of like moving pieces all the time.”

Leslie says one of the most important skills to have is listening:

“They just want to get it all out, and then they feel better. You can offer them advice, they usually don’t hear it. You can try… I heard somewhere that you have to say things thousands of times before it sinks in to your kids.”
ParaNorman hits theaters today – are you going to head out to see it?

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