Kyle Richards Talks Fashion Rules For Her Kids And Being On Reality TV

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards recently opened a new boutique in Beverly Hills and sat down with Parade magazine to chat about kids, clothes and reality TV.

Kyle on her fashion “rules” for her daughters: “My daughters’ ages range from 4 to 23 so I have rules tailored to each of them. I look at these girls these days and their shorts are so short and they tell me everyone is wearing them like that. So sometimes I end up caving but I do have certain rules and guidelines about what’s appropriate for their age.”

Kyle shared how her family stays grounded and tight while shooting a reality show.

“When we started the show, we sat down as a family and asked if anyone had any reservations. If anyone raised their hands, we wouldn’t do it. We had a rule that if we ever felt like it was interfering with our personal lives or my husband and my relationship, I would walk away in seconds, without a doubt. One of our rules is that we have to be home more than we are out. So if it’s a busy week and there are a lot of events, we make sure we only go three times and are home four of the nights. I don’t like seeing families where they’re always out and never see the kids. We make sure to make time for each other.”

She also admits that she doesn’t dress up half as much when the cameras aren’t rolling:

“On the show, we go to a lot of events so we’re dressed up a lot. But at home, I have little to no makeup on and am just in jeans and a t-shirt or leggings. I have to be comfortable when I’m at home.”

Are you excited for the next season of RHOBH to get started?

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