David Duchovny Will Let Kids See His Hit Show – After He Dies

Celebrity dad David Duchovny isn’t quite ready to show off his body of work to his kids, Kyd and Madelaine, with ex-wife Tea LeoniDavid stars in the often-raunchy hit Showtime series Californication and he says he’s hoping to keep the show from his kids until after he’s dead and gone.  He also wants them to know it’s how he afforded to put them through school.

“I’m gonna put it in a time capsule and when I’m dead… It’s gonna be, like, in my will – ‘Now you can watch Californication. This is how you went through college.”

The former ‘X-Files‘ star also shared that his own mom was left traumatized after seeing one of his first films, ‘The Rapture”.

“I did a movie called The Rapture a long time ago and I was naked in that and I got killed and it traumatized her.  It was one of my first jobs, so of course I was very proud of it and I wanted her to go and see it… and it didn’t occur to me that maybe it’s not cool for a parent to go and see her son get murdered.”

After seeing it, she assured him she could no longer see his projects if it involved his getting naked or killed.

I wonder how many actors and actresses now cringe at the thought of their kids seeing some of their more “risque” bodies of work.


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