Jennie Garth And Her Daughters Head Home

Actress Jennie Garth and her daughters, Luca, Lola, and Fiona, are back in Los Angeles!  Jennie and her Facinelli girls arrived at LAX last night after a whirlwind trip to NYC together.

Jennie was doing some work for Crest/Oral B with her daughter Luca while they were in NYC.  Jennie shared a few tidbits with Lady & the Blog:

Do your kids watch any of your shows? What do they think?

Jennie: Well, Lola’s too young for most of them, though she likes Dancing With The Stars. She got to see that one. Luca, my 15 yr-old, locked herself in her room for a week and just watched all of Beverly Hills 90210. She was sucked in! I’m still friends with Luke Perry and when he would call, she would get all giggly.

You’re a mom of 3 girls. Which age is the most challenging for you?

Jennie: They’re all challenging! Lola is the middle child and it’s about finding time for her to do her stuff. Luca is 15 so she’s a teenager. It’s tough. They’re all challenging. Being a mom is the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

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