New Details Emerge About Kourtney Kardashian’s Exclusive Interview About Daughter Penelope Scotland

It looks like we’ll be hearing a lot about Kourtney Kardashian and her family now that she’s finally opened up about the birth of her daughter, Penelope Scotland, and how she is adjusting to life with two children at home. Here are some more snippets of her exclusive interview with Us Weekly Magazine:

*Kourtney pulled Penelope out, just like she pulled Mason out.

*They haven’t decided if they’ll show this birth on TV. But Scott taped footage, and some other people were recording too.

*Penelope has “Scott’s cleft chin, she skin tone is lighter than Mason’s. But she has the Kardashian lashes!” Penelope also has a “little raspy voice.”

*Mason is “in love” with his baby sister. Scott says, “He wanted to smell her and give her a kiss on the head and touch her nose and touch her ears.”

*Khloe is “the baby-whisperer” according to Kourt. Khloe is really good with her niece. Which is so sad, because Khloe wants a baby so badly.

*Scott and Kourtney still aren’t sleeping in the same room. Kourtney sleeps with the newborn, Scott sleeps in the guest room or with Mason.

*Scott hasn’t changed Penelope’s diapers yet, but he has a good reason: “My son is almost 3, and I don’t mind changing his diapers. I’m just not comfortable doing it when the baby is that small. One wrong move and you could break the child’s bone. At least my son can tell me, ‘Dad, you’re doing it wrong.’ With a little baby, it’s scary.”

*Scott’s “push present” to Kourtney: “He gave me diamond stud earrings. I’ve wanted them for so long.”

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  1. Rachel says

    Her children are absolutely beautiful and no matter who Penelope takes after, she is going to be a gorgeous girl, just hope they keep her away from that horrific Grandmother! Hear that Kris, you are a grandmother – start acting like one and stop pimping out the females in your family and keep your tits hidden!

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