Mira Sorvino Talks Raising Four Kids, Juggling Her Career With Motherhood In New Interview

According to actress Mira Sorvino, it’s no walk in the park trying to juggle your career while raising your four kids at the same time. Sure, she might be a big Hollywood star, but motherhood stresses her out the same way it does us (let’s admit it, it’s not easy for anyone). The actress recently opened up to Hamptons Magazine where she talks about being a mom to her four children and what she thinks about them following in her footsteps. Here are some snippets:

On having four kids: “You just improvise. Four is more, especially with them all seven years old and younger. There’s rarely a moment when one of them doesn’t need me intensely, so it’s a lot of pressure on me, which I’m trying to juggle with good humor, but I don’t always manage. I’ll be nursing the baby while pumping on the other side while typing a business e-mail while dealing with my toddler, who’s just getting through potty training. When I’m not working I try to be more of a stay-at-home mom, but I feel like recently I’ve been too hard on myself and that I need more help around the house than I currently have.”

On motherhood: “You’re always feeling guilty about something. I think everybody is hard on themselves, yes, especially as mothers, we always worry about our children’s happiness. I want to prevent every unhappiness that I can and of course you realize that you can’t prevent all of them. I’m always worrying if I’m giving them my best, if I’m doing enough.”

On what she hopes to teach her kids: “To make sure that everything they do is always tempered by love. That they try to not only do well but also do good because I think our modern society can be so obsessed with success that it overlooks meaning, and contribution, and service. They are growing up with a bit of a silver spoon, just because of [my husband Christopher Backus and my] lifestyle as actors, and I’m always trying to keep them grounded and teach them to be good people who are actively helping others.”

On whether her children will follow in her footsteps: “My son says that he wants to be a marine animal rescuer, which is very cute. I can see myself in retirement assisting with dolphin rescues. They’re wonderful little people, and I love them with all of my heart, so I look forward to seeing what they’re going to do.”

Photos by Hamptons Magazine

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