Kate Beckinsale Says Motherhood Has Made Her “Emotionally Raw”

According to Kate Beckinsale, motherhood has not only made her into a better actress, but into a better person overall, too. The British Beauty recently spoke to Parade.com about movies, marriage and motherhood. Here are some highlights of what she says:

On motherhood: “I have found being a mother has made me emotionally raw in many situations. You heart is beating outside your body when you have a baby.”

On working with her husband: “We really do see eye to eye and tend to have the same tastes and you want to have that with a director. As an actor, you want to have a shared goal. And one of the things about this industry that makes you start regretting that you ever went into it is that once you have a family and a relationship, there is so much potential separation. That is very disruptive. [Even during this film] I’ve still been complaining endlessly since Len has been in post-production and has been camping in the studio for months. But we were able to bypass much [of the separation] this time so it makes you feel like you’ve dodged a bullet.”

On what Lily thinks of her films: “She won’t watch Underworld because she thinks the trailer is too scary but she has seen this one and she really likes it. And she was around a lot on set. I think she thinks it’s cool but she doesn’t dwell on it that much.”

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