Jenna Fischer Is Taking Her Time In Shedding Her Baby Weight

According to actress Jenna Fischer, she’s in no hurry to lose all of her baby weight as she has something much more important to take care of right now: her baby. The Office star says that while she is still carrying a little of the weight around with her, she’s lost the majority of it and feels great anyhow. Here’s what she tells People Magazine:

“I didn’t start exercising until Weston was six months old and was taking regular naps. When I go back to work on the show, I’m probably just going to have to take a break from any of that extra working out. I think just getting through the day will be enough.”

“It’s taken me every day of 10 months to lose the weight. I did it slowly and I did it moderately. It was important for me to lose it. I was a fit and active person before I had my son, but if there’s one thing I could do for a new mom, it’d be to alleviate her of any guilt or any stress over the idea of having her body look a certain way.”

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