Kevin Jonas And His Wife Feel Pressure To Start Having Babies

After almost 3 years of marriage, the families of Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle are getting antsy, wondering when they’ll start having babies.  The couple shared recently that they are talking babies, but nothing is “in the works” just yet.

Kevin shared: “People are like, ‘All right guys, what’s your plan? When are you going to have those grandkids?’ I’m starting to feel that pressure a little bit.”

Danielle says her mom is basically begging for grandchildren, “My mom wants a grandkid bad.”

Danielle and Kevin have a new reality show “Married to Jonas” that premieres next month, so I’m sure we’ll get the inside scoop on their family plans.  It’s nice that they didn’t jump into a reality show right away in their marriage and waited a little bit to get settled in together first.  Are you planning to watch?


Photos by Fameflynet

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