Gwen Stefani Shares How Parenthood Influenced No Doubt’s New Album

Gwen Stefani and her group No Doubt have all become parents during their time together (and apart). The singer and fashionista shares how their families helped to shape the direction of their new album, Push and Shove.

Gwen shared with Access Hollywood:  “I think it’s when we got together to write, [that] was our moment to kind of escape and just be creative and not think about that for a minute and then go back and think about it again.”

She says the song ‘Settle Down’ covers a bit of that balance between work and career. “It’s overwhelming to try to do everything. It is impossible. So there’s a lot of that in the record.”

Guitarist Tom Dumont shared, “There’s a lot of kids between us so we’re pulled in many different directions but we’re so proud of this record and we put a lot of time into it. ”


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