Emily Maynard Says Fiance Jef Holm Will Be The “Best Stepdad”

They’ve only been engaged for a quick second, but Bachelorette Emily Maynard says her new fiancé Jeff Holm will be the “best stepdad” to her 7-year-old daughter Rickie, saying, “I feel like Jef would make the best husband and the best stepdad ever.” Jef has also shared that same sentiment by proclaiming that he is going to be a great “car pool dad” as well. Here’s what he says:

“We’re going to combine our lives and I’m going to hang out with Ricki all the time and become a car pool dad. We’re just going to live our lives together and get accustomed with each other, plan a wedding, and when we get married, move in together.”

Tell us Babyrazzi readers, do you think the relationship is going to last between Emily and Jef?

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