Kourtney Kardashian Too Scared Of Having A Water Birth

It’s safe to say that pregnant celebrity mama-to-be Kourtney Kardashian won’t be experimenting with a water birth during her second time around. The reality television star recently revealed that she’s a bit “scared” of the whole ordeal and is sticking to more conventional options, instead. Here’s what TMZ reports:

Kourtney has a friend who gave birth a few days ago and she allowed Kim’s sis to witness the blessed event.  So Kourtney was ringside when the mother screamed like a mutha as she reared back and pushed in a tub of water.  

Kourtney told friends it was “horrific” … “looked brutally painful” — and that was all she wrote. So KK has decided to give birth Beyonce/Jessica Simpson style — in a mega-suite at a fancy hospital.

Tell us Babyrazzi readers, have you ever tried a water birth? What was your experience like?

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